The best types of pure dogs for sale


With the big confidence Global-Dogs Company won by the customers and so, providing support and assistance to its customers from owning professional team has the ability and expertise, composed of experts and professional trainers we achieve perfect job with the help of the client on the selection of the dog which fits the pattern required of him or the client's life work, whether the dog newborn or adult


Global-Dogs motto

"Our motto is to offer the best services with maximum quality and competitive price of time and place in order to satisfy the customer."

You can rely on us from A to Z in the field of canine services.


An overview of the company:

Global-Dogs is a leading company in the field of sales and take care of the safety of the dogs and provide their accessories through the expertise of the team, which has more than twenty years experience in this area.


Business Services:

1. Secure the guard dogs of pure breeds and hereby their types.

2. Deliver the dog to the door of your house.

3. Doctors and veterinarians accredited.

4. Provide the dogs basic equipments.

Dogs Special Needs

Where used as evidence during a walk in the streets and roads to aide in the guidance who loss the sense of sight, as well as warn of strangers who have hearing

Guard Dogs

To secure, guard and protect public and private establishments , residential buildings ,factories ,plants and gardens from being stolen or tampered with and infiltrate.

Drug Detector Dogs

Help police and customs officers in the search and detection of narcotic substances (cocaine and heroin and opium ...) hidden inside luggage, bags, clothes and cars across the ports and border crossings, ports and airport.

Explosives detection dogs

Help police and customs officers in the search and detection of explosive materials and weapons cache, car bombs and improvised explosive devices inside the cities , ports and border crossings, ports and airports .