Questions & Answers about might customers ask it :

1- When can I get a puppy or dog?

Beginning must be the age of the puppy or dog has exceeded the 16-week sixteen weeks before being handed over to you, which is subject to the puppy at the age of 12 weeks to a medical examination for a period of
thirty days before it is sent to the client.
This is different when the puppy has exceeded 16 weeks old, which have undergone a medical examination and is ready for immediate delivery.

2- Does the puppy or dog that I want to get him a suitable climate in my country?

Most dogs generally adapt to the new climate surrounding them, where the dogs with long hair or scalp spends most of her time inside the air-conditioned homes and do not suffer from the problems of climate change, and if you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.

3- Is it generally allows for the introduction of dogs to the Arab country?

Generally allowed all types of dogs to the Arab country without any problems.

4- Is there a quarantine for dogs entered into the country?

There is no quarantine for a dog if it carries a health certificate.

5- Do I have to get a license to import a dog if you want to get a dog?

You do not have to get a license to import the dogs.

6- What are the documents required to get a dog from a foreign country?

Health certificate for the dog, including the required vaccines and passport, and all these papers provided by Doug Global Global-Dog company nor the client needs to do any particular procedure.

7. Are there any additional fees after buying a puppy or dog?

The price of the dog include:
1- Passport dog.
2-health card for the dog.
3- medical vaccines.
It does not include the price of the dog:
1- Shipping costs dog.
2- deliver the dog to the house.

8. Is the delivery puppy or dog to my door?

The Global-Dog company typically deliver a puppy or dog to the nearest airport of the clients town, but it is possible to deliver the dog to the door of the customer's house, so as to meet the additional fees added to the price of a dog (transportation costs).

9-Where can I receive a puppy or a dog?

You can receive a puppy or dog from the nearest authorized center for the sale of dogs belonging to the company.

10 - What are the vaccines given to the puppy or dog that I'm going to purchase?

The company is giving vaccine to a dog disease - parvo vaccine - and all the other vaccines given by the age of the puppy or dog (fever vaccine for dogs - smacked of H 2 - vaccine parainfluenza virus).

11- How long will it take flight? Is it safe?

The flight takes three hours travel, which is somewhat cumbersome for a puppy or dog, do not need to worry about the puppy they are very safe.

12- How do I pay for a puppy or dog?

By bank transfer (around him) or a personal payment to a company representative.

13- Can you ship a puppy or dog by the sea?

But it can and must be several dogs and not one dog, and shipping costs are added to the price of a dog.

14- What are the things that have to be purchased before receiving the puppy or dog?

- It is recommended to buy some toys made of soft rubber (because the harsh rubber may lead to loss of teeth for dogs that prefer soft rubber).
But it can and must be several dogs and not one dog, and shipping costs are added to the price of a dog.
- Neck strap or a leash to lead dog, recommend buying neck collar is not Bbahz price because this belt will be replaced with a belt last once enlarged dog, where you can collar neck Ooualemcod of rabies control during walking, and are advised to put a neck strap on the dog at an early age because it is difficult to put the adult dog for the first time.
- Consider purchasing vessels are made of Stainless steel resistance for use in food and drink dog.
- Purchase of scissors to cut the dog's nails fingernails.
- Brush to comb the puppy or dog a good quality, preferably n rubber bristles are flexible and are commensurate with the size of a small hand size so as to be comfortable during combing.
- For the cage should wait to buy the cage until the receipt of the puppy or dog to be a cage proportional to the size of a puppy or dog, you do not have to buy a cage immediately before receiving the puppy or dog, and must take into consideration that there are puppy put permanently during growth, but only the dog is put in the cage during training or when you travel it is safer and the safety of the dog.

15. What is the place where you recommend buying dog supplies?

We can provide basic supplies dogs with high quality and the cheapest price.

16-Who is the veterinarian for dogs who advises him?

Advised veterinarian certified by the company as a result.