Akbash Dog

They have other names:

Turkish Akbash dog - dog Turkish Rams - Shepherd Alondola ..

The country of origin of the Akbash dog:

Turkish origin dog.

Height Akbash dog:

The male dog 69-86 cm.
The female dog 65-80 cm.

Akbash dog weight:

The male dog 34-64 kg.
The female dog 27-45 kg.

Ability to Learn from Akbash dog:

Very good.

Akbash dog color:

Bright white or brown with rust marks on the head and body and feet.

Hair or scalp for Akbash dog:

Hair or fur short to medium - soft - heavy - sometimes tends to color biscuits at the ears - protects against heat, cold and insects.
Combing regular brushing.

The average age of the dog Akbash:

10-11 years old.

Mood Akbash dog:

Enjoy dogs Akbash high intelligence, loyalty, and obedience level to its owner and is very smart - courage - eager - vigilance - bold - fun - and eager to learn and are not hostile - and can be considered an excellent watchdog warns of strangers - have a high ability to learn.

General information about the Turkish Akbash dog:

Several breeds of dogs a dog mix Moluser (molosser) and dog Saisond (sighthound) is enjoying the characteristics of each.
Akbash dog large size - long legs - his curly tail feathers or fur misty - his skin pink and black tabby with brown misty white fur - flanked his eyes and his ears and nose black or brown, surrounded by loose skin around his neck, which is protected from predators.
Akbash dogs are able to close bonding with her master's family and other animals which show a lot of emotion and a sense unlike many other breeds.
Where Akbash dogs can be trained easily by trained professionals to do several things:
1. Security (government and private establishments and residential buildings or factories and laboratories).
2. Bodyguard (Body guard). Health issues - health problems for dogs Akbash:

Health issues - health problems for dogs Akbash:

Many dogs grow back hip abnormally offbeat - in addition to the skin disease - as well as bone inflammation (feet or legs dogs) and are prone to heart disorders and genetic diseases.
To avoid the problems of growth and health problems of genetic diseases you have to buy a dog from a breeder Okbash dogs with a good reputation.

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