American Bulldog for sale

There are other names for American Bulldog:

American Paul Dog - Ambull...

The country of origin of American Bulldog:

American dog originally.

American Bulldog height:

The male dog 56-71 cm.
The female dog 51-66 cm.

American Bulldog Weight:

The male dog 32-54 kg.

The female dog 27-45 kg.

Ability to learn by American Bulldog:


American Bulldog color:

White with black markings or gray or red on the head and body and feet.

Hair or scalp of American Bulldog :

Short hair or scalp and harsh and close to the body, coarse texture.

BATHING when it is necessary.

Easy combing and combing regular brushing.

The average age of the American Bulldog:

10-15 years old.

American Bulldog mood:

Dogs American Bulldog enjoys a high level of intelligence, loyalty, and obedience to its owner, and the level is very smart, courageous, energetic, vigilant, bold, playful, and eager to learn, which is not hostile, which is always in a state of alert and confident Balnevs- faithful to her master - and can be considered an excellent watchdog alert of strangers, and has a high ability to learn.

General Information about Paul or American Bulldog:

Bull Dog owns long-legged, more agile and faster than its English counterpart, huge head and jaws - a broad chest, huge muscles extending from the shoulders and decreases towards the head, the form of the head as a square and hanging from his jaw muscles as square, hanging from the top of ears as if they were divided, separating black rim one the eyes, nose, color black or gray, with loose lips.
Enjoy a high level of intelligence, loyalty, and obedience to its owner and the level is very smart, cheerful, and eager to learn, which is not hostile, fast learning, very strong, athletic, lithe, agile, energetic, attentive, bold, and can be considered an excellent watchdog warns of strangers.
Where dogs can be trained American Bulldog easily by trained professionals to do several things:
- Police and customs help to search and detect explosive substances or narcotic substances, as well as used to chase fugitives and criminals.

Health issues or health problems for dogs American Bulldog:

Many of the dogs, BULL DOGS prone to hip deformity - in addition to skin disease.

To avoid the problems of growth and health problems and genetic diseases you have to buy from a breeder American Bulldog with a good reputation.

Buy An American Bulldog :

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