Boxer Dog for sale

There are other names for dog Boxer

Boxer dog Alolmana- German Boxer

Country of origin for Boxer dog:

German origin dog.

Boxer dog height:

The male dog 56-64 cm.
The female dog 53-61 cm.

Boxer dog weight:

The male dog 27-32 kg.

The female dog 24-29 kg.

Learning field for Boxer dog:


Boxer dog color:

Brown or gray with white markings.

Hair or scalp for Boxer dog:

Hair or scalp with a short length - smooth - stretch adjacent to the body.
Combing brushing petition.

The average age for a dog Boxer:

6-10 years.

Boxer dog mood:

Boxer dogs in the mood playful basis with family and friends - demure and patient with children - Boxer dog needs a lot of human companionship.
This dog cautious toward strangers - very curious and most importantly, it is a brave dog if felt any threat surrounding him - smart- naughty - characterized by a high degree of discipline, which makes it a desirable companion - Social.
In case this was a social dog makes it gets a good relationship with other pets domestic animals.
The nature of Boxer dogs love to work and play - a dog Excellent protection for guarding the home and the family of the owner, which is somewhat noisy and sports even in old age - like jumping and learning.
As characterized by the dog of courage, what makes it a guard dog is best where it is used widely by the police and the army, and this type of dog needs to be strict and hard training at an early age by the owner - and also requires effort both physically and mentally, is not recommended stockpiles of by someone indulgent little movement.

General information about the dog Boxer - Boxer German:

Boxer dog - the average size of the German Boxer - burly - with a strong structure - a short powerful limbs - short fur guilt - his muscles broad and powerful - this strain is characterized by vitality and alertness.
Boxer dog is gentle and patient with children and loves to play and is very inquisitive.
This breed of highly intelligent dogs a quick learner - eager - tend to be stubborn and deceptive - the love - of a shape Onic- behave well with other household pets - be wary of exotic pets and strangers people and this makes it a dog excellent guard - where gathering this strain between strength and agility.
Where Boxer dogs can be trained easily by trained professionals to do several things:
1. Security (government, private establishments and residential buildings, factories, laboratories).
2. Bodyguard (Body guard).
3. The police and customs help to search and detect explosive substances or narcotic substances, as well as used to chase fleeing criminals.

Health issues | health problems for Boxer dogs:

Most of Boxer dogs suffer from the problems of the heart muscle - such as narrowing of the aorta - as well as the hip - distortions which is prone to epilepsy - and hardening of the spine with age - which is prone to cancer more than other breeds - has a tendency to allergy - runny in saliva - and snoring.
To avoid the problems of growth and health problems and genetic diseases you should buy a dog Boxer - German Boxer dogs from a breeder with a good reputation.

Buy dog Boxer - Boxer Dog German:

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