Bulldog for sale

There are other names for Bulldog dog :

English Bulldog - English Bulldog ..

Country of origin Bulldog - English Bulldog:

English origin dog.

Height Bulldog - English Bulldog:

Themale dog 30-41 cm.
The female dog 25-36 cm.

Weight Bulldog - English Bulldog:

The male dog 23-25 kg.

The female dog 22-24 kg.

Learning field for Bulldog - English Bulldog:

So and so.

Color of Bulldog English:

Usually dark gray or a combination of several colors as white, red, brown, black and dot ones.

Undercoat of the Bulldogs - English Bulldog:

Short and fine hair - protects from heat and cold. .
Combing regular brushing.

The average age of the Bulldogs - English Bulldog:

8-10 years.

Mood Bulldog - English Bulldog:

Characterized dogs bulldog as very friendly and good-natured - nice and affectionate, loyality and very good with children and strangers, and be the utmost happiness when people pay attention to them, and enjoy the very active Bulldog when it is in a small age and this activity falls relatively at advanced age.
Some dogs bulldog be aggressive and fierce with other strange dogs, but be nice with other pets.
In case this was a social dog makes it gets a good relationship with other pets domestic animals.
Dogs Bulldog enjoys a high level of intelligence, loyalty, and obedience to its owner a level which is very smart - courage - eager - vigilance - bold - fun - and eager to learn and are not hostile - and can be considered an excellent watchdog warns of strangers - have a high ability to learn.

General information about the Bulldog - English Bulldog:

Bulldog is the national symbol of Britain, which is the average size, large head, face and huge, and his shoulders broad, his body twisted coat strong muscles, low-slung body, short legs, soft and smooth Vruh.
Bulldog dog nice and good-natured, a perfect companion for all members of the family of his master, as well as with other pets, and be happy when he was with his master's family, loves children and bulldog companion, a gentle and good with them.
Bulldog likes to relax most of the time and is the perfect companion for the elderly who prefer to relax for a walk.
This breed of dog is not dripped saliva but her snore when you sleep.
Some dogs bulldog be stubborn nature.
Bulldog dogs and enjoys a high level of loyalty and obedience to the level of its owner and is courage - eager - vigilance - bold - fun - and eager to learn and are not hostile.
Used bodyguard (Body guard).

Health issues for the Bulldogs - English Bulldog:

Bulldog suffers from breathing problems and difficulty in childbearing (many breeds of Bulldog born with caesarean surgery) - dislocation of the patella - itchy skin - eye problems - and problems of the hip and knee.
To avoid the problems of growth and health problems and genetic diseases you have to buy a bulldog from a breeder dogs with a good reputation.

Buy bulldog - Bulldog English:

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