Cane Corso Dog for sale

There are other names for dog Corso:

Cane Corso dog -Sialianos Branchiero - Cane di Macellaio.

Originally the country was Corso dog:

Italian origin dog.

Cane Corso dog height:

The male dog 61-69 cm.
The female dog 58-64 cm.

Cane Corso dog weight:

The male dog 45-50 kg.

The female dog 40-43 kg.

Learning field for Cane Corso:


The color of Cane Corso dog:

Black or black and gray, black and golden

Hair or scalp of a dog Cane Corso:

Hair or scalp short - very heavy - Crank - with glassy - glossy texture - and hair becomes thicker in the winter -
Requires a lot of combing hair removal, combing and brushing with a comb.

The average age of the dog Cane Corso:

10-11 years old.

Mood of Cane Corso dog:

Is a dog of The Corso Italian nice very loyal to its owner and is docile and very intelligent - active and viable training is very affectionate with children as well as with its owner - a quiet dog inside the house and likes to get close to his leader - active thinking - and has a very stable mood.
Characterized Dogs of The Corso as hostile toward strangers and other dogs and enjoys a high level of intelligence, loyalty, and obedience level to its owner and is very smart - courage - eager - vigilance - bold - fun - and eager to learn - and has a high capacity to learn.

General information about the dog Alcan Corso:

Dog of The Corso Italian medium-sized, large force - has a strong structure elegant expresses strength and agility and stamina, his name is derived from the Latin (Cohors), which means protector, and is smart which makes dog excellent guard and is affectionate, and this is what makes it the perfect companion for children.
Corso was the wonderful guard dog, a loyal to the owner and his family, but he reserved toward strangers, and a strong character and he will not run away from a fight.

Cane Corso easily by trained professionals to do a number of things you can train the dogs:

1. Security (government and private establishments and residential buildings, factories, laboratories).
2. Bodyguar.
3. The police and customs help to search and detect explosive substances or narcotic substances, as well as used to chase fleeing criminals.

Health issues - health problems for dogs was Corso:

Some dogs suffer from genetic diseases such as lack of zinc, also generate a deaf or Trchae (not hear), as well as suffering from a strange behavior where hunting or chasing its tail continuously.
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Health issues - health problems for the Cane Corso dogs:

It is prone to heart disorders and stomach twisting Ripper (bloat) - scabies worms (red mange) - Eyelid abnormalities - abnormal growth of the elbow and hip.
To avoid the problems of growth and health problems and genetic diseases should buy the Cane Corso dogs from a breeder with a good reputation.

Buy the Cane Corso Dog

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