Dogo Argentino Dog for sale

There are other names for dogo Argentino:

Doku dog Argentino - Dogo Argentino ..

The country of origin of the dog Argentino:

Argentine origin dog.

Height of Argentine dog:

The male dog 61-69 cm.
The female dog 56-64 cm.

Dog Argentino weight:

The male dog 36-45 kg.

The female dog 32-36 kg.

Learning field for the dog Argentino:


Dog Argentino color:

White with a black mark in the head or around the eye.

Hair or scalp of Argentino:

Hair or scalp-length is very short - thick smooth and shiny and easy to clean it where it does not emit any foul smell.
Combing regular brushing.

The average age of the dog Argentino:

10-12 years old.

Mood dog Argentino:

Argentino is a very smart breed which is nice with his owner's family but it is very fierce with his prey he never ruthless so he is dangerous and must be taken into account.
Argentino is an excellent guard dog, preferably trained upbringing and socialization at a young age, and this breed of dog hates cruel treatment or harsh training or attitude is not good from her master, it is possible to become stubborn when subjected to the foregoing.
This type of dog loves to participate in all the activities of the family, it is a good and gentle with children and be delighted when it is accepted and embraced a family member, a highly intelligent and very easy to train this breed of dog.
This breed of dog is very strong, he needs a steady hand and a strong and affectionate when hiking or walking.
Adult dogs of this breed are usually fierce towards other dogs, but do not start the confrontation with them, but they are nice with other pets if you grew up with them since early childhood socialization.

General Information about Argentino - Argentino:

Argentino appeared in Argentina in 1920, a hybrid dog, has been Tahjanh by Dr. Antonio Martins Norris, where he was the main target of hybridization combine hound Skillful and excellent guard dog, and has succeeded in doing so.
Argentino huge tall dog, a large-sized, has a large head and decryption broad and strong neck surrounded by powerful muscles and released widely, what gives him the appearance of confidence and power - a graceful - elegant - balanced - obedient to the family of his owner - playful and intelligent - a dog excellent guard - one of the items she loves human companionship and be very happy with this dog when it is accompanied by his leader.
Argentino enjoys a high level of intelligence, loyalty, and obedience to the level of its owner, a highly intelligent - brave - eager - attentive - bold - fun - and eager to learn - and can be considered an excellent watchdog warns of strangers.
Where dogs can be trained easily Argentino by professional trainers to do several things:
1. Security (government and private establishments and residential buildings, factories, laboratories).
2. Bodyguard (Body guard).
3. The police and customs help to search and detect explosive substances or narcotic substances, as well as used to chase fleeing criminals.
4. Help him from losing his eyesight (blind or blind).

Health issues - health problems for dogs Argentino:

Argentino dogs in general good health, and there is no such strain any genetic defects.
To avoid the problems of growth and health problems and genetic diseases you should buy Argentino dog breeders of dogs with a good reputation.

Buy dog Argentino:

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