English setter Dog for sale

There are other names for setter dogs:

Dogs Lester English - Lawerack - Laverack Llewellin Sertter-Llewellyn Setter ...

Country of origin for setter dogs:

British origin dog.

Setter height dogs:

The male dog 61-69 cm.
The female dog 58-66 cm.

Dogs setter weight:

The male dog 25-36 kg.

The female dog 20-32 kg.

Learning field for setter dogs:


Setter dogs color:

Black and white or orange and white Oallimona and white, with the presence of small patches covering his entire body.

Hair or scalp for setter dogs:

Short hair or scalp - thick - protects from heat and cold.
Regular combing regularly comb and brush.

The average life of a dog

10-12 years old.

Setter mood dogs:

Described dog Starr as courteous - sensitive - and the advantage of this dog that naughty and very patient, loyal to the family of his master, and is a family dog ideal, which is a good dog with children, and needs a dog to cover a lot of companionship and it is with great pleasure when playing with other dogs, and he needs training and regular exercise to become a good-natured dog.
Where the training must cover at an early age to prevent him from bad habits, as well as a way must be trained not harsh because this particular dog mentality it is possible to become stubborn and difficult to tame.
Lester curfew dog loves jumping and drilling, it is a good watchdog, but a dog's cover of two types:
Fields dog - a dog show.
The field where the dog, a smaller and lighter, which is very active and needs to be more training of the show dog, and both types need daily training to make them happy and in good health.
Dog jackets usually have excited active in the outdoors, and otherwise be less active inside the house.
This type of dog tends to be noisy, it is likely to be a nuisance if not for that which is bent at an early age, as well as can be dripped saliva.
And the talents of a dog lies Lester hunting and tracking and retrieval of objects and agility and strength of observation.

General information about the dogs Lester:

Starr is the oldest breed of hunting dogs breeds, where they were hybridized dogs French fishing year 1500 between fishing Spanish guide dog and Hound French guide, and was brought to Britain by Mr. Edward Afrak in the beginning of 1800 and has developed into what it has become dogs Lester of where the shape is nice and luxurious as we know it today.
Lester Hot Dog - Petite - Stylish - strong - Sprint does not get tired - dedicated - the Savior of all members of the family of his master.
Lester dog skillful fishermen, where it takes a sitting position to a text alert to the presence of the hunter prey, and Lester has a strong sense of smell is very able to smell the prey after several hours to pass.
Where dogs can be trained easily cover by professional trainers to do several things:
- Police and customs help to search and detect explosive substances or narcotic substances, as well as used to chase fleeing criminals.
- For use in fishing trips.

Health issues or health problems for dogs Lester:

Many of the dogs Lester prone to hip abnormalities, and care must be taken of the feed is a plus because they tend to gain excess weight, female dog prone to overload situations.
To avoid the problems of growth and health problems and genetic diseases you have to buy jackets for dogs from a breeder with a good reputation.

Lester buy dogs:

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