Golden Retriever Dog for sale

There are other names for Golden Retriever dog:

Golden Yellow Retriever Dog ...

Country of origin for the Golden Retriever dog:

British origin dog.

Height of Golden Retriever dog:

The male dog 56-61 cm.
The female dog 51-56 cm.

Golden Retrievers dog weight:

The male dog 27-36 kg.

The female dog 25-32 kg.

Learning field for Golden Retriever dog:


Golden Retrievers color:

Black - black and gray, black and gold.

Hair or scalp of a dog Golden Retrievers:

Scalp hair or thick, wavy, smooth medium length, water resistant, protects against heat and cold, and it is easy to comb by a comb or regular brush - BATHING (wash) when it is necessary and must use dry shampoo regularly.

Average Age of Golden Retrievers:

10-12 years old.

Golden Retrievers mood:

Golden Retrievers Golden dog or a dog is a lovable dog, courteous, gentle, magical, very intelligent and a quick response, patient and courteous with young children, it is a perfect family dog, seeks to satisfy his owner, a very naughty making master pleased.
The more dogs quieter, dogs bark very rarely an advantage to those who seek to acquire relatively quiet dog does not cause inconvenience.
Golden Retrievers dog has plenty of talent tracking and retrieval of objects and detect a slight movement of drugs and has a competitive obedience and performing tricks.
Golden Retrievers dog needs to be trained on a daily basis, and be very happy when playing refund of balls and sticks; it is easy to training, and also loves to swim.
Trained and advised on a daily basis and not over-fed because it met for obesity or obesity.

General information about the Golden Retriever dogs - Golden Dog:

Dog Golden Retrievers so beautiful, his golden hair flowing silk, a strong, balanced, naughty, seeks to satisfy his master, one of the more factions dogs popularity and love among people and it is easy to have on the hearts of the people, very gentle with children and be very happy with the children and cares about them is unparalleled.
Although it adapts with other dogs, but he would prefer to be accompanied by human, which hates to be alone.
Golden Retrievers dog is a good watchdog, he barks at strangers’ scenes, which is very friendly with everyone, including other dogs, and dogs, Golden Retrievers, if left alone for a long period of time, they become very harmful.
Golden Retrievers dog is very active, making it the perfect companion for athletes.
And Golden Retrievers dog has a lot of talent, tracking and retrieval of objects and detection of drugs and agility, competitive obedience and performing tricks.
Where dogs can be trained Golden Retrievers easily by trained professionals to do several things:
1 - Help the police and customs to search and detect explosive substances or narcotic substances, as well as used to chase fleeing criminals.
2 - Help him from losing his eyesight (blind or blind).

Health issues and health problems for dogs, Golden Retrievers:

Golden Retrievers dog is prone to hip abnormalities, congenital malformations of the eye, in addition to sensitave skin diseases.
To avoid the problems of growth and health problems and genetic diseases you have to buy a dog from a breeder Golden Retrievers dogs with a good reputation.

Golden Retriever buy a dog - golden dog:

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