Labrador Retriever dog for sale

There are other names of Labrador dog:

Labrador Retrievers – Labrador...

Country of origin for the dog Labrador:

Canadian origin dog.

Height dog Labrador:

The male dog 56-61 cm.
The female dog 53-58 cm.

Labrador dog weight:

The male dog 25-32 kg.

The female dog 27-45 kg.

Learning field for the Labrador dog:

Very good.

The color of Labrador dog:

White or black or brown (chocolate) or yellow.

Hair or scalp for the Labrador dog:

Short scalp hair or thick - stuck in the body - without ripples or blades - BATHING dry shampoo when necessary.
Combing with regular brush.

The average age of the Labrador dog:

10-12 years old.

The mood of the Labrador dog:

This type of dog the Labrador - Labrador Retriever Dog cast love in people's hearts, he is affectionate - lovable - Sabour- very excited - obedient and loyal to his master - and very friendly - a good nature - loves to play - which is wonderful with children - intelligent - easy training - loves to swim.
This breed of dogs, the Labrador - Labrador Retriever Dog love to be a part of the family of her owner - and eager for her master show interest in them - and reliable - which is reserved towards strangers - is an excellent watchdog, preferably trained dog the Labrador at an early age, and are advised not to Tharis this kind of dogs during training.
Is a dog of Labrador Retriever Dog - Hot lusty It is extremely gratifying when it works, and a dog of Labrador eat is very large so it needs to exercise on a regular basis and give a moderate amount of food to prevent him from being fat so you do not become obese, and this breed of dog is more independence and dominance of the Golden Ritrever dogs.
Some of the talents of a dog the Labrador fishing - tracking and retrieval and surveillance - working with police, customs, and is used to detect drugs and food not allowed to bring it into the country - and guide the blind - and served with special needs - Search and Rescue - Skiing - agility - competitive obedience.

General Information about the Labrador dog - a dog of Labrador Retrievers:

Labrador dog- Labrador Retriever Dog is one of the most dogs popular in the United States - which is a long taller - Steel - easy care - enjoyed double waterproof scalp, and has several white colors as Snow White or yellow or chocolate, and said that it is rare to find a dog in silver or gray.
Is a dog of Labrador a strong structure, where it has a strong and broad muscles at his sides- a dog is very active - it is easy to training - which is gentle and good with children, as well as with other dogs - a good-natured - courteous - naughty - loves hard work - a Skillful fisherman .
Dog and the Labrador - Labrador Retriever loves to exist with people -its very nice - intelligent - and has the ability to adapt, making it the ideal dog.
Where the dogs can be trained to Labrador - Labrador Retriever easily by professional trainers to do several things:
1. Security (government and private establishments and residential buildings, factories, laboratories).
2. bodyguard (Body guard).
3. The police and customs help to search and detect explosive substances or narcotic substances, as well as used to chase fleeing criminals.
4. helps people with special needs and blind in traffic or walking.

Health issues - health problems for the Labrador dog:

Many of the dogs, the Labrador Retriever hip, thigh and elbow grow Abnormally Unnatural - addition to skin diseases - as well as eye diseases.
To avoid the problems of growth and other health problems and genetic diseases you should buy a Labrador Retriever breeders of dogs with a good reputation.

Buy the Labrador dog - the Labrador Ritrever dog:

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