Presa canario dog for sale

There are other names for Presa Canario dog:

Canario Dog - Perro De Presa Presa Canario - Dogo Canario...

Country of origin for Canario dog :

Canario Islands

Canario dog height:

The male dog 53 – 64 cm.
The female dog 51 -58 cm.

Canario dog weight:

The male dog 43-50 kg.
The female dog 36-41 kg.

Learning field for the dog Canario:


Canario dog color:

Color can be either beige or dark gray with a white or black spots and gray Ooasud and golden.
Surrounds the black face mask or dark brown does not extend to the eyes.

Hair or scalp for dog Canario:

Hair or scalp with a short length - resembling velvet coat - it is easy to brush combed normal as can wipe it with a sponge or velvet Dry Bath Dry shampoo.

The average age of Canario dog:
9-11 years.

Canario dog mood:

Canario dogs fierce and very hostile - considered a dominant and that requires the owner of expertise to understand the nature and control - the dogs are excellent guard, where the external appearance of a deterrent, not to mention the ability to confront any intruder, where he is considered extremely dangerous if found in the wrong hands - and considered in general gentle with its owner in a sincere and his companion.

General information about the dog Canario - Bursa Canary:

Canario dog - Bursa Canary Canary dog was called and hails from the Canary Islands, has been revived after the extinct by the American veterinarian Dr. Carl Samanic.
Knario dog average size - large force - a strong and elegant structure expresses strength and agility and stamina - a clever - attentive - bold - hostile - and a charismatic strong - eager to learn - reserved toward strangers, a dog excellent guard, where It will not run away from any fight.
Dog Knario is a mix of dog Almastf dog Bulldog, where it was developed in the Canary Islands by dog breeders Englishmen in 1800 specifically to run games dog fighting, where matches were fighting dogs and a common means Entertainment in Europe, where trained dogs Prisa Knario in some states endurance and perseverance to fight, such as Ireland, where the organization of dog fighting games in the open fields as well as in the Canary Islands, as well as Mexico and used it Central America's farmers to guard the fields, it is a pesticide to the wolves and stray dogs.
Where it can be easily Canario training by professional trainers to do several things:
1- Security (government and private establishments and residential buildings, factories, laboratories).
2- bodyguards (Body Guard).
3- The police and customs help to chase fleeing criminals.

Health issues -or health problems for the dog Canario:

Many of the dogs Prisa Canarioardh hip deformities - suffering from a dislocated Alrsfah or Alrsfi - in addition to skin diseases as Abscesses Skin - scabies - epilepsy - and neurological status of the dog.
To avoid the problems of growth and health problems and genetic diseases you should buy a dog Canario - Canary dog from a breeder dogs with a good reputation.

Buy a dog - Canary dog:

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