Rottweiler Dog for sale

There are other names for the Rottweiler Dog:

Rottweiler - Ruth Wheeler - Root - Roti - Rott - Rottie...

Country of origin for the Rottweiler Dog:

German origin dog.

Rottweiler Dog Height:

The male dog 61-69 cm.
The female dog 56-64 cm.

Rottweiler Dog weight:

The male dog 43-59 kg.
The female dog 39-52 kg.

Learning field for Rottweiler Dog:

Very good.

The Rottweiler Dog color:

Black or mahogany - with a clear Ouallamat spots on his body.
Hair or scalp for dog and Ruth Eller:

The average age for the Rottweiler Dog:

10-12 years old.

The Rottweiler Dog mood :
9-11 years.

The Rottweiler Dog mood:

Rottweiler Dog is considered quiet - courage - strong and enjoys a high level of intelligence, loyalty, and obedience level to its owner - eager - vigilance - bold - fun - and is characterized by courage devoted to its owner, a good companion for children - accept cats and other household pets and animals as long as the dog Rottweiler had a positive experience with it, and it welcomes the relatives and friends of the family enthusiastically.
To be happy Rottweiler dogs needs a lot of companionship and socialization.
Rottweiler dogs might be hostile with other dogs and must remain restricted in public places and preferably stay away from them.

General information about the Rottweiler Dog:

Rottweiler very strong Dog, which generates a dog big high-strength, endurance and agility in movement, which is one of a faction working dogs, and is ideal for the protection of, and be a dog happy when acting as whether tracking or search or rescue or recovery of the newspaper or grazing which competes in obedience to its owner and loves to be loyal to one person as well as you love playing with young children and should preferably be under supervision.
The Rottweiler dog effective guard dog is characterized by the defense of family and property owner until the end.
And requires training dogs and Rottweiler dog continuous training and strict rules relentless by professional trainers.
Where dogs can be trained and Rottweiler dog by trained professionals to do several things:
1. Security (government and private establishments and residential buildings, factories, laboratories).
2. Bodyguard (Body guard).
3. The police and customs help to chase fleeing criminals.

Health issues or health problems dog and Rottweiler Dog:

It is prone to bloat, and parvo virus, and abnormal growth of the elbow and hip.
To avoid the problems of growth and health problems and genetic diseases should buy a Rottweiler dog breeders of dogs with a good reputation. .

Buy dog Rottweiler - Root and Root Aalr- - Roti - Rottweiler Dog:

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