Saint Bernard Dog for sale

There are Other Names for Saint Bernard dog:

The statement mastiff - Saint Bernard dog St.Bernhardshund - Alpine Mastiff...

Country of origin for Saint Bernard:

Swiss dog - Italian origin.

Height of Saint Bernard:

The male dog 64-69 cm.
The female dog 58-64 cm.

Saint Bernard dog weight:

The male dog 50-91 kg.
The female dog 45-73 kg.

Learning field for Saint Bernard dog:


Saint Bernard color:

White with red-white with red - red in different shades - dark gray spots with white markings, mahogany, and black - in various combinations.

Hair or scalp for Saint Bernard:

Hair or fur is very dense, water-resistant, tough, texture Boukhn not, there are two types of hair: long hair and short hair.
Bathe (bathing) when it is necessary.
Regular combing comb and brush.

The average age for Saint Bernard:
8-10 years.

Saint Bernard mood:

This type of dog friendly and very nice, a very tolerant and good with children, obedient, patient, a slow movement, he is eager to please his master and very pro family.
Saint Bernard dog huge - large size, it is good to mixing with people and other dogs at an early age makes it a social, as well as be trained nicely at an early age, a reasonable size.
We must keep in mind that the magnitude of this dog and Haggard may cause us a problem for anyone who is even strong adults when exercising in a public place where it must tighten control.
Saint Bernard dogs and can be considered an excellent watchdog where the large size excellent deterrent, as well as of acquisition sense of smell is very strong, and this type of dogs dripped saliva after eating or drinking.

General information about the Saint Bernard:

Old St. Bernard dog, originally due to the mastiff appeared the first time the year 1000 AD, which is a combination of several dogs: Almastep and Aldnurki and Aldboah and Albrairanery.
St. Bernard dog quiet - obedient, loyal to his master - very good with people.
Dog Saint Bernard size is a huge - has a huge, broad head, very strong and muscles, is one of the largest types of dogs, and Hothabt paced - and weight commensurate with its length. Use St. Bernard first time in rescue operations in avalanches where saved more than 2,000 people areas, in addition to having a strong sense of smell has a sixth sense about the danger of storms and avalanches (he hears the sounds of a very low frequency, which exceed the ability of human hearing).
Where dogs can be trained St. Bernard easily by trained professionals to do several things:
- Rescuers and civil defense to help in search and rescue operations.

Health issues - health problems for the St. Bernard dog:

St. Bernard dogs suffer from distortion of the spine and neck - heart problems - in addition to skin diseases - hip dysplasia - eye problems (convergence to the edge of the upper eyelid or lower) - stomach problems - which is more susceptible to bloat than other dogs.
To avoid the problems of growth and health problems and genetic diseases you should buy a dog of Saint Bernard dog breeder with a good reputation.

Buy St. Bernard:

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