Caucasian Dog for sale

There are other names for Caucasian dogs:

Dog Caucasian - white dog grazing Huangrian Kuvasz...

Country of origin for the dog Caucasian:

Dog Hungarian origin.

The Caucasian dog height:

The male dog 71-76 cm.
The female dog 66-71 cm.

The Caucasian dog Weight:

The male dog 45-52 kg.

The female dog 32-41 kg.

Learning field for Caucasian dog:

Very good.

Caucasian dog color:

White .

Hair or scalp of a Caucasian dog:

Long hair or scalp - thick - crispy - soft - protect from heat, cold and insects.

Combing with regular comb or brush.

The average age of the Caucasian dog:

9-12 years.

Caucasian dog mood:

Caucasian dog inquisitive and enjoys a high level of intelligence, loyalty, and obedience to its owner - a highly intelligent - brave - eager - attentive - bold - cheerful - not hostile - has a high capacity to learn and easy to tame - and can be considered an excellent watchdog warns of strangers.

Herding Caucasian dog dedicated and devoted himself to protect the owner's family and seeks to form a strong bond with her.
Resent herding Caucasian dog adult from entering the dog or pet another home, unlike the result of Caucasian dogs easy to accept other animals to enter the house and be nice to them, so you must train the Caucasian dog adult if the owner wanted to bring a new dog or pet testament to that part of the family, and you should not leave him before you get used to it because he will fight with him.
Caucasian dog - a dog takes care of white grazing herd and defends him against Wolves and has a strong protective instinct.

General information about the Caucasian dog- white herding dog:

Caucasian dog - dog white grazing handsome - magical - majestic - intelligent - curious- strong - active - attentive - bold - fun - balanced - and eager to learn, which is not hostile - not thin nor fat which is white as Snow White with no marks on the body - It is obedient and loyal and very easy to tame - an attentive and cautious toward strangers, and has the instincts and protective, making it an excellent guard dog.
Where dogs can be trained Caucasian easily by trained professionals to do several things:
1. Kaharash (government and private establishments and residential buildings, factories, laboratories).
2. Bodyguard (Body guard).
3. The police and customs help to search and detect explosive substances or narcotic substances, as well as used to hunt fugitives and criminals.

Health issues - health problems for the Caucasian dog - white dog grazing:

Is prone to hip deformities in addition to allergies - skin diseases, which are prone to excessive salivation Ceylon.
To avoid the problems of growth and health problems and genetic diseases you should buy a Caucasian dog | White herding dog from a breeder dogs with a good reputation.

Buy Caucasian dog - white herding dog:

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