Dog Kangal for sale

There are other names for Kangal dogs:

Kangal Turkish -Turkish kangal Dog

Country of origin for the Turkish Kangal dog :

Turkish origin dog.

Height of Kangal dog:

The male dog 74-81 cm. .
The female dog 71-79 cm.

Turkish Kangal dog weight:

The male dog 50-63 kg.

The female dog 41-59 kg.

Learning field for Turkish Kangal dog :


Turkish dog Kangal color:

Fon light beige or brown or stay with white or black areas under the chest, toes and legs.

Hair or scalp of a dog Turkish Kenjal:

Hair or scalp with the average length - dense and thick - protects from heat and cold Anatolia.
Combing regular brushing.

The average age of the Turkish Kangal:

11-15 years old.

Turkish Kangal dogs mood :

Kangal Dogs are known with their high intelligence, loyalty, and obedience to its owner a level which is very smart - courage - vigilance - bold - fun - and eager to learn and are not hostile - and can be considered an excellent watchdog warns of strangers - have a high ability to learn.
Alcanval quiet dog - independent and self-reliant - it can be controlled - can the social aspect of this development and the dog trained properly.
Kenjal dog and very friendly and gentle with children and family master.

General information about the Turkish Kangal dog:

Kengal Old dog, was used for grazing, due to its origin Almasteph, has been named this name depending on the province Sivas in central Turkey, where he has been raising this breed of dogs at the hands of the peasants of Turkey.
Kangal large size - huge dog - his long lists and chest forward and has a prominent tail attired stringy hair, and is generally regarded as the outer shape of a sleek and beautiful give him power.
The dog Kangal best and brightest types of guard dogs, where to take Kangal high place subject to him being able of the largest possible view of space when he guarded the herd and defend it against predators (like wolves and bears and jackals), and when the feeling Kangal any danger of the bark to warn the herd Loop around him, standing between the herd and the predator and the bark to warn the opponent and force him to withdraw, if not diminished the struck out it without hesitation, and uses the front legs to overthrow the opponent and shall thereafter cut the neck of his opponent, has acquired a dog Kangal large high ability fame to fight the wolves.
Where dogs can be trained easily Kangal by professional trainers to do several things:
1. Security (government and private establishments and residential buildings, factories, laboratories).
2. Bodyguard (Body guard).

Health, health problems for the dog Turkish Kangal issues:

To avoid the problems of growth and health problems and genetic diseases you have to buy a dog from a breeder Kenjal dogs with a good reputation.

Kangal buy a dog - a dog Turkish Kangal:

If you have a desire to buy a Kangal dog - Kangal guard dog- personal guard dog – body guard dog - buildings guard dog- house guard dog -facility guard dog- factories guard dog – rescue dog – family guard dog, you have arrived at the right place where we have a specialized team of experts and specialists assist you in choosing a puppy or dog that fits your lifestyle and your work style and meets your expectations.