Pitbull dog for sale

There are other names for Pitbull dog :

Paul House - bull dog - a dog Scuba - Avanti dog - dog Gypsy - dog Bongo Avanti dog - Gypsy Dog - American Pit Bull Terrier Scuba Dog - Bongo Dog ...

Country of origin for the dog Pitbull:

US dog hybrid.

Pitbull dog height:

The male dog 45-48 cm.
The female dog 42-45 cm.

Pitbull dog weight:

The male dog 45-50 kg.
The female dog 35-45 kg.

Learning field for Pitbull dog:

So and so

Pitbull dog color:

It has several bright red colors - brown - black - white - physical.

Hair or scalp for Pitbull dog:

Short hair or fur - with a tough texture - shiny.
Combing the scalp with a stiff bristle brush and wipe with a cloth to maintain the brilliance and luster.

Scalp need to shave from time to time.

The average age for a dog Pitbull:

10-12 years old.

Pitbull dog mood:

Pitbull dogs are not aggressive toward humans, as many people believe they are attacking their owners without warning, but they become aggressive when provoked.

Pitbull dogs and enjoys a high level of intelligence, loyalty, and obedience to its owner and the level is very smart - courage - eager - vigilance - bold - fun - and eager to learn.

General information about the dog Pitbull:
Pitbull dog nicknamed bull dog, which is not of pure breed but the dog is a hybrid of several different breeds of dogs most notably the American Staffordshire, Staffordshire and Paul, where he participates in the construction of the body, mood, color that are famous to.
Pitbull intelligent dog - very strong - bold - brave - fast - athlete - Stylish - Fixed - In - attentive - eager to learn.
Pitbull dogs are characterized as being more tolerant to pain during the training of the other dogs, which do not reflect the painful directly; it may be stressful and tiring.
Pitbull dog bite a lot compared to other types of dogs, Pitbull has a very strong jaw where the bite force equivalent to half a ton and is considered the most powerful bite Pitbull b dozens of times from other dogs.
Pitbull dog bold and brave invalidate his opponent without fear and that has led to its use in wrestling matches, where he can in the wrestling ring with any other breed of dog and overcome it

Where Pitbull dogs can be trained easily by trained professionals to do several things:

1. Security (government and private establishments and residential buildings or factories and laboratories).
2. Body guard.

Health issues - health problems for dogs Pitbull:

Many of the dogs Pitbull grow back hip abnormally offbeat - in addition to allergies - skin diseases, as well as the thyroid gland that causes weight gain and problems in reproduction and prone to heart disorders and genetic diseases.

To avoid the problems of growth and health problems of genetic diseases you have to buy a dog from a breeder Pitbull dogs with a good reputation.

Buy Pitbull:

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