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Dog Helps blinds - who lost his sight

With the beginning of the modern era in the early seventies of the twentieth century is no longer confined to the role of guard dogs and chase fleeing criminals and detecting drugs and explosives, and even beyond that to their role in helping people with special needs

that lost his sight and hearing.
Where the dog is used as a guide to help blind people in multiple ways, which sings blind seek the help of others, using the trainer guide dog well trained.
Training guide dogs may take intensive training from 2-5 years to be dogs ready to lead the blind, and the training of dogs involves two things:
1. Basic obedience to the blind.
2. Provide protection for the blind.
Through a training program:
Where they teach your dog how to move forward , to the right and left trained on these commands, and also to teach him more like commands (stand before crossing the street - and stand at the coincidence locked door or something like that), which makes the dog helps the blinds - person lost his sense of sight - a dog has a vision of helping the blind to protect its owner from falling or harm himself. After the success of the dog in passing its training program yell ready to accompany the blind.
The best types of assistance dogs for the blind:
These types of dogs are the most popular because it has a strong instinct to help the owners and this is the main reason for acquiring this fame, as well as there is an important condition for dogs, a function to be large enough to provide for Blind steering wheel.
There are several problems you may encounter when you walk with a blind dog directory:
1. The blind cannot walk with the dog because he was not educated to walk with.
2. The majority of blind people do not move on a regular basis with a guide dog, making the dog uncomfortable directory with the blind.
To solve those problems have to walk with a blind guide dog in parks with the help of someone else unless the dog and the blind person be able directory with each other.
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