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Drug detection dogs

With the increasing growth of the drug trade in the world and the growing conflict between drug control and drug smuggling mafias where each party resorted to the development of methods, tools and tricks to be able to overcome the other party not to achieve its objectives.

Where the center used the drug smuggling gangs devise ways and new methods of hiding and smuggling of drugs in order to be promoted among members of the community in order to prevent detection by security and anti-drug officers.
As a result, seeking security and anti-drug effort and to develop methods to detect and control of drugs smuggled by the act of committing his crime.
Where security forces have adopted and the fight against drugs in the world on the police dogs for detecting drugs and places to hide drugs, as studies have shown, and research the efficiency and strength of the dog trainer in the search and detection of drugs and that he has a sense of strong smelling God gave them outweigh the sense of smell in humans thousands of times.
Where the dogs used in the search and detection of narcotics in several different places:
1. Inspection of bags and luggage.
2. Inspection of open spaces.
3. aircraft inspection (inspection of the plane seats - aircraft inspection) booths
4. inspection of shipping docks and warehouses of goods
5. auto inspection
6. Building Inspection
7. Inspection of packages and mailing envelopes.

Bellow the most famous types of drug detection dogs:

4. Belgian Shepherd Dog - Malinos Dog
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