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Guard dogs:

Guard dogs are considered since ancient an ideal way to maintain the existing property within buildings - valuables - and horse fields and farms, livestock and poultry from predators and thieves.
Notwithstanding witnessed the modern era of major development in the multiplicity of modern protection systems as systems alarm (such as surveillance cameras

- protection devices ultrasound or laser or sensors) and the presence of private security companies and guards individuals, all of that was not a substitute for the presence of guard dogs, many of the people prefer guard dogs for protection and modern private security companies and systems for several reasons:
- Actually, for example employees of private security firms may sleep during the bout or guard may leave or absent from attendance because of illness or may be a need to leave, as the guard dogs do not leave the place of custody or sleep, they remain vigilant guard watching the place.
- Despite significant technical development of security systems and alarms are prone to stop working for a number of reasons, including: (a power outage reported or damage to one of the electronic components inside the warning systems .... etc.) All of this is not a substitute for guard dogs and dogs personal guard dogs I want Guard homes and guard dogs - dogs guarding the facility - factories guard dogs – family guard dogs.

Bellow the most famous types of guard dogs:

-If You have a desire to buy a guard dog - personal guard dog - Body Guard dog- Buildings guard dog - house guard dog - facility guard dog - factories guard dog - family guard dog, you have arrived to the right place where we have a dedicated team consisting of experts and specialists assist you in choosing a puppy or dog that fits your lifestyle and your work style and meets your expectations.