Secure The Dogs Of Pure Breeds

Insurance dogs of pure breeds

Factions canine include more than faction, and in addition to the family dogs .There platoon wolves, jackals and foxes, which are considered the dogs of the first factions that human trained of wolves and coexisted with him for four ten thousand years, one of the wolves strains that were roaming in Europe, Asia and America.
Where outnumber dogs breeds from A strain, and next to the natural diversity of breeds dogs find hybridization artificially for a certain breed of dogs and other strain by insemination carried out by the human leads to the generation of a new breed of dogs were not known, as well as the duration of oestrus along with the dogs, which leads to vaccinated more than dog mentioned one, and result in a new strain were not known, and lead this hybridization or vaccination more than a dog to the emergence of a strain is pure of dogs (enjoy different characteristics from its predecessor (pure dogs - dogs pure) in terms of power and intelligence, activity and speed ..... etc).
Whereas Global – dogs company secure dogs of pure breeds, whether pure guard dogs - personal guard dogs - dogs to assist who lost his eyesight (blind).
Bellow the most famous types of dogs: