Company services

Delivery of the dog or puppy to the door of the customer's house

The Global Dog company usually delivers a puppy or dog to the nearest airport of the town of the client, but it is possible to deliver a dog to the door of a client's house, so as to meet the additional fees added to the price of a dog (dog transfer) wages.

Basic requirements of dogs

Puppy combing brush - brush comb dog a good quality characterized by the following:
1 - Flexible rubber bristles.
2 - With small size commensurate with the size of the hand so as to be comfortable during the combing dogs.
2- Games dogs are made of soft rubber (rubber because the harsh may lead to loss of teeth dog that prefers soft rubber).
3- neck strap puppy or dog leash, to lead the dogs to suit all ages
4 - Dog bowl made of Stainless steel for use in the food and drink dog.
5- Manicure scissors to cut dog nails dog.
6 - Dog cage size fits puppy or dog you choose.
7- Dog face mask (to protect against vicious dogs).

Secure The Dogs Of Pure Breeds

Factions canine include more than faction, and in addition to the family dogs .There platoon wolves, jackals and foxes, which are considered the dogs of the first factions that human Rodha of wolves and coexisted with him for four ten thousand years, one of the wolves strains that were roaming in Europe, Asia and America.
Where Doug Global Secure company b dogs of pure breeds, whether pure guard dogs - personal guard dogs - dogs to assist the loss of his eyesight (blind).

Among the most famous types of dogs: